Pre-cast Reinforced Concrete Panels, Dividers and Barriers

GlenBarry Metals Ltd, supply a variety of pre-cast reinforced concrete panels and other products to customers in Nottinghamshire, The East Midlands and the whole of the UK


Pre-Stressed Reinforced Concrete Wall Panels

We manufacture both stock and walling panels to customers required length and in widths of 500mm, 600mm, 1.0m, 1.2m and 1.5m. This type of concrete panel can have many uses such as livestock buildings, silage clamps, grain storage bays and retaining walls.


Pre-cast Concrete Panels


Reinforced L Shape Sectional Concrete Dividers / Retaining Walls

The L shape panels come in 1m sections with a 1m foot and go up in height from 1m to 3.5m. They are designed to bolt to an existing base.


L Shape Sectional Concrete Dividers


Pre-cast Concrete Barriers

We also manufacture pre-cast concrete barriers which are ideal for keeping out those unwanted visitors be it on a industrial estate or a single farm gate .


Each panel is 2.5m long 700mm wide and 1.0m high and weigh approx 2 tons each.


Pre-cast Concrete Barriers


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